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November 26, 2019
November 26, 2019
November 25, 2020
Big Data and Data Sciences Introduction - FREE WRKSHOP
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Free Workshop 30th Nov,19 at 04:00 PM ( Location : DHA) 2 hours
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Data Sciences Specialist Course
Data science is the study of the extraction of knowledge from data. It uses various techniques from many fields, including signal processing, mathematics, probability, machine learning, computer programming, statistics, data engineering, pattern matching, and data visualization, with the goal of extracting useful knowledge from the data. With computer systems able to handle more data, big data is an important aspect of data science.
A person that does data science is called a data scientist. Data scientists solve complicated data problems using mathematics, statistics and computer science, although very good skill in these subjects are not required. However, a data scientist is most likely to be an expert in only one or two of these disciplines, meaning that cross disciplinary teams can be a key component of data science.
Good data scientists are able to apply their skills to achieve many kinds of purposes. Their skills and competencies vary widely.
Module-01 Machine Learning Data Analysis with Python [ Fee : 20,000]
Basic Concepts, History and Evolution of Machine Learning for Big Data as a business application domain. Use cases in different business industries for both small and big data. A review of Machine Learning techniques and algorithms and their interpretation from a business perspective. Theoretical and Practical Exposure of Cluster Analysis and Support Vector Machines.
KEY Learning
 Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas
 Python Data Visualization – Matplotlib and Pandas
 Math of Machine Learning – Probability, Regression, Vectors, Matrices, Baysian, K Nearest
 Machine Learning with Python – Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning and Train / Test
 Data Mining, Big Data with Machine Leaning – Apache Spark
 Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
 Machine Learning Project – Develop Product Recommender System in Python
Module-02 Understanding Data Science & Data Mining [ Fee : 20,000]
In this module, you will learn about data science and what skills are required for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field and as he gives advice to those who are looking to start a career in data science. Finally, you will be required to complete reading assignments to learn about the process of mining a given dataset and about regression analysis.
Data Science Course Benefits
 Individuals who earn this certification were able to describe the Data Science and What Data Scientists Do, how data sciences helping modern business to perform better, understanding data and patterns.
Course Prerequisite
 Basic level understanding with any financial data analysis, database or programming language understanding.
Data Sciences Job Roles
 The Data Analyst (The data analyst is the Sherlock Holmes of the data science team)
 The Data Architect
 The Data Engineer
 The Statistician
 The Database Administrator
 The Business Analyst
 Data and Analytics Manager

International student Fee : 350$ | 1,300 SAR | 1,300 AED
Flexible Class Options
 Corporate Group Workshops
 Week-End Classes For Professionals SAT or SUN
 Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training
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