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Accident Proof - Price: $40

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Dewey Evans

Houston Texas
77043 (map)
July 2, 2018
July 2, 2018
July 2, 2019
Good afternoon
Excellent proof is a device we made after a long period of time of testing it goes on the front of your car to detect anything that gets near it into text when you’re approaching a car and you get to close it will be just like if he was backing up to hit a parking spot and go and park your car and operates in the same manner in other words if you bend down to pick up a piece of paper in your footsteps of the break it’ll tell you that his car is moving forward to put your brakes on it’ll save you time and money because I ask and it will cost $1000 deductible from your insurance if you go to an appointment you might miss it because you have to fill out paperwork for the accident report if you going to the hospital for an appointment to check yourself what are you children you will miss it it it might take two or three days to get another appointment it should be probably a disaster because you don’t have the time you can’t get off work and your children are still sick so for $40 I believe it is well worth the investment thank you
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